Testimonials from a few of our clients:

"We were very pleased with the video produced, as well as how easy it was to work with Pix Videos. I would recommend Pix Videos to anyone who needs to make a video."

Debbie Jarvis

Professor at Imperial College

"Pix Videos was very professional and proposed excellent ideas for visualising the concepts of our project. The team responded very quickly to all our requests."

Dorota Badowska

Impact Coordinator at Newcastle University

"The collaboration with Pix Videos went really smooth. We had plenty of opportunities to give feedback and more than enough flexibility and creativity was adopted."

Piet Wostyn

Researcher at KU Leuven

"The experience of working with Pix Videos has been very satisfactory. They combine great professionalism and agility, making it really easy to work with them."

Elena González

Digital Management at Iberdrola

"Professionalism, agility and quality were the trademarks of the service provided by Pix Videos. They identified perfectly the essence needed to be captured in our video."

Clara Pezuela

Head of IT Market at Atos

"Working with Pix videos was great! They are very professional and captured immediately key messages that we wanted to transmit in our video. Also, the look and feel of the images is very cool!"

Malena Donato

Business Consultant in Atos Research and Innovation