Debbie Jarvis

"We were very pleased with the video produced, as well as how easy it was to work with Pix Videos. I would recommend Pix Videos to anyone who needs to make a video"
Debbie Jarvis (Professor at Imperial College)
Dr Johannes Finger

"The whole production process was professionally organized, and we were very satisfied with the result. I definitely recommend Pix Videos to others!"
Dr Johannes Finger (Researcher at Fraunhofer ILT)
Dr Maya Thanou

"Pix Videos performed the project with excellent management skills and creativity. They accurately grasped the difficult scientific concepts. I will definitely work again with them"
Dr Maya Thanou (Reader at King's College London)
Till Christopher Lech

"Very happy with both the process and the result. Good communication along the way made the outcome exactly what we were envisioning (and more). I would definitely recommend Pix Videos"
Till Christopher Lech (Research Manager at SINTEF Digital)
Piet Wostyn

"The collaboration with Pix Videos went really smooth. We had plenty of opportunities to give feedback and more than enough flexibility and creativity was adopted"
Piet Wostyn (Researcher at KU Leuven)
Deana Mohr

"My team and I were over satisfied with the straightforward and efficient way of work of Pix Videos. The results were just fantastic! Looking forward to our next collaboration!"
Deana Mohr (Clinical Project Manager at Wyss Zurich)
Dr Fausto Gallucci

"Pix Videos was very professional and flexible throughout the production process. The video they produced is exactly what we were thinking about and never able to put in practice. Highly recommended for anyone who needs a professional video"
Dr Fausto Gallucci (Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology)
Esther Dorado

"It was a pleasure to work with Pix Videos. The team was professional, proactive and flexible, and did a fantastic job. They also ensured the process was smooth and pleasant for everyone involved. I look forward to our next collaboration!"
Esther Dorado (Dissemination Officer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center)
Clara Pezuela

"Professionalism, agility and quality were the trademarks of the service provided by Pix Videos. They identified perfectly the essence needed to be captured in our production"
Clara Pezuela (Head of IT Market at Atos)
Dorota Badowska

"Pix Videos was very professional and proposed excellent ideas for visualising the concepts of our project. The team responded very quickly to all our requests"
Dorota Badowska (Impact Coordinator at Newcastle University)
Dr Bert Poolman

"We worked very effectively with Pix Videos on a project with difficult scientific concepts. The end result was fantastic, and the video received a lot of enthusiastic feedback"
Dr Bert Poolman (Professor at the University of Groningen)
Elena González

"The experience of working with Pix Videos was very satisfactory. They combine great professionalism and agility, making it really easy to work with them"
Elena González (Digital Management at Iberdrola)
Jorge Manuel de Oliveira

"It was a pleasure working with Pix Videos on my project’s video. The process was smooth and efficient, and I am very pleased with the outcome. Pix Videos has my full recommendation!"
Jorge Manuel de Oliveira (Professor at Nord University)
Jean-Claude Tinguely

"The production process was very satisfying. Conveying the concept of a highly technical topic worked well, Pix Videos provided good suggestions and were open and quick towards changes in the video. Highly recommended"
Jean-Claude Tinguely (Researcher at UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
Marina Presas Quintana

"Pix Videos is a trusted provider for externalizing video production projects. We would recommend them for their professionalism and efficiency in transforming complex ideas into attracting illustrations and impactful audiovisual materials"
Marina Presas Quintana (Communication expert at Eurecat)
Alicia L. Bruzos

"Pix Videos made an extraordinary work taking scientific results from our lab and bringing them to the average citizen using accessible language, creativity and a high commitment. I absolutely recommend them"
Alicia L. Bruzos (Researcher at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela)
Maria Paniw

"I highly recommend Pix Videos for science communication. Pix Videos were just brilliant in guiding me through the entire process. Very professional, but at the same time approachable, flexible, creative, and very interactive with the client"
Maria Paniw (Research fellow at the Estación Biológica de Doñana)
Germán Infante Fernández

"They understood our idea quickly and created an engaging video. They also delivered on time, despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19"
Germán Infante Fernández (Head of the Project Management Office at IMDEA Materials Institute)
Rocío Ros

"Working with Pix Videos is simple and efficient. They know perfectly how to translate complex explanations into a very clear animated video, and they do it fast. I'm very happy with their work and I definitely recommend them"
Rocío Ros (Digital Marketing Expert at Tiko)
Malena Donato

"Working with Pix videos was great! They are very professional and captured immediately all the key messages that we wanted to put forward in our video. The look and feel of the end product was really cool!"
Malena Donato (Business Consultant at Atos Research and Innovation)
Catalina Martínez Carazo

"Working with Pix Videos is easy. They made all the required modifications we asked for in a speedy way and with a positive attitude. They managed to meet our expectations and we are very satisfied with the video they made for us"
Catalina Martínez Carazo (Researcher at Keralty)
Anca Nicolau

"Pix Videos produced a highly creative and dynamic video for us. The whole production process was fast and an exceptionally smooth ride"
Anca Nicolau (Professor at the University Dunarea de Jos Galati)